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What is iDo?

iDo is wedding planning software, where all your data is stored in the cloud. This enables you to invite loved ones into your cloud to help you plan your events. No matter where everyone lives, you will always be on the same page. iDo is the world's first wedding software program that uses a cloud-based database and file system. It is safe, secure and fast.

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What do you do in iDo?

You organize, plan, and enjoy successful events! When in an iDo event, there are eleven sections that work together to help you plan your events perfectly. With iDo being cloud-based, your 'Dream Team' can access and edit the same database at the same time. Each dream team member can be assigned unique privileges as to what they can see and edit. Hover over the circles to learn more.


Every individual
you are inviting to
your event is stored here.

The wedding stats


Assign all of your
contacts to invitations.

When ready, email
or mail them out.


Online responses
appear here

Mail responses
are recorded here.


Your headcount
is now complete.

Place your lovely guests
on flights, hotels,
and tables.


Comes pre-loaded
with 100 tasks.

We get your started.
You'll have fun
finishing it!


If Pinterest and
Dropbox had a baby...
this would be it.

Save notes, images,
links, and files.


No time like the
present to talk finances
as a couple.

Tracks all your


The caterer,
the baker,
the ice swan maker...

Monitor your
signed contracts.


Share your story,
embed videos and maps,
link to your registries,
and more!

All sites look great
on any device.


Plan your day
moment to moment.

Get to the church
on time!


questions like...

Who gave us these

Websites included

Every iDo event comes with its own website. We have many themes to choose from, and we will be adding more as time goes on.

The websites are designed to be web responsive, meaning the websites will work well on any device—computer, tablet and phone.

iDo websites are web responsive--looking great on any device!

iDo Subscription


per month

Additional Clouds


Additional Events


* Subscriptions are purchased within iDo. Learn More