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iDo Website Overview

Every event in iDo comes with its own website. The website will be available at{cloud-name}/{event-name}. The cloud name and event name will be provided by you. Your website is 'public' by default, but you can make it private by requiring a password, it's your choice. Each website has three pages, each with its own purpose:

Event Page

The page you are currently reading is the event page. Use this page to communicate details about your event and to share your story. Think of it as a one-page blog. You will create your blog by writing and publishing posts.

Invitation Page

Guests who receive the invitation email will be directed to this page to view your online invitation.


This is where guests who view the online invitation may RSVP to your event, indicate their menu selection and add a special note for you.

Types of Posts

Event pages may contain three different types of posts. Add various types of posts when creating your Event page to make your page come to life.


The most common post type. Even though the name is 'Text', it can do way more. Insert text, lists, images, a map, videos, tweets, name it. This type of post is built using Markdown.

iDo posts are created via Markdown.


Perfect for an inspirational message or passage. It is styled with a bold, colorful background to stand out.


Share an individual image and provide a descriptive caption.

This is a 'Quote' post. It will appear just like this ... Big, Bold and Beautiful. ☻

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